Thanks to their age and some of the hard storms we’ve had the past couple of years I’m expecting to lose in the next five years or so two beautiful and majestic maples that mark the entrance to my driveway and trying to think and plan ahead I looking transplant some of the oak and maple tree saplings that have popped up in the pachysandra beds around my house out into the sun out front along the border with my neighbor and near to  where those old maples are hanging on.

As I do with just about everything new that I want to learn something about (while I was once a building & remodeling contractorI know precious little about gardening and landscaping) I searched around the internet for some information to help get me started on this experiment and adventure.

Planting America:How To Plant a Tree (Feat. Rob Beideman) – YouTube

Rob Beideman: Right Tree, Right Place – YouTube

The Street Smart Gardener – Planting a Tree, Part 1 – YouTube

The Street Smart Gardener – Planting a Tree, Part 2 – YouTube

A good illustrated article on How to Transplant a Young Tree: 9 Steps (with Pictures) – wikiHow 

Any suggestions for more information, video or text, gratefully accepted and I post those recommendations here.