One of my own personal specialties has always been designing and building what call ‘Theatrical Spaces & Environments’. I was trained as a theatrical set and lighting designer and have always pulled employees and subcontractors from my contacts there and the exhibit building trade.

All the way back in 1996 we got a call for an interesting project that called on not only my company’s skills as framing carpenters but also those years of artistic experience we had building and painting scenery for the theatre, trade shows, and exhibits. We had a homeowner out in Hewlett Harbor, L.I that wanted a Koi Pond & Tropical Environment designed and built inside the space above a garage addition he was having put on his home!

Click on the images below to view as a slide show of the projects development

Notes on the Construction Techniques:

  • Koi Pond: fiberglass reinforced epoxy in a sheathing application over a wiggle plywood form.
  • Rock Walls and Waterfall: fiberglass reinforced plasters; Structo-lite & Hydrocal, over metal lathe and styrofoam forms.
  • Stream Bed & Waterfall: fiberglass reinforced epoxy.
  • Synthetic Rock Surface Texturing: patching plaster and auto body putty.
  • Faux Painting of Synthetic Rock Surface: done in modified sponging, airbrush and glazing techniques.
  • Flagstone Floor: It’s the real thing “1” Pennsylvania Irregular flagging that we got from Bedford Stone & Masonry Supply Corp. in a medium bed thin-set application.

To look at more pictures of the Interior Koi Pond & Tropical Environment project and other interesting projects Paradigm Project has done over the years you can click to visit the website.