I’ve began collecting and tapping into all the great information on homebuilding and remodeling techniques, materials, and tools from Fine Homebuilding Magazine way back with Issue #2 April/May 1981 and have built a special dedicated bookcase in my home to house all the issues I collected over the years along with issues from their sister publications such as Fine Woodworking and Fine Gardening too.

In addition to that legacy I’ve also been a regular visitor to the FineHomeBuilding.com website and an active participant and contributor to the excellent online forum they run their called BreakTime "where you can learn from the veterans, share your own secrets of success, and simply chat about all aspects of home building."

This Old House

Below you’ll find lists of the most recent articles appearing on the Fine Homebuilding Magazine web site with links to take you there.

FineHomebuildings Featured Blog Posts :

Fix everything. Install it all. Our experts show you how with step-by-step projects, how-to videos, skill builders, tips, and more.

The Caution: Hard Hat Area’ Blog:

Why is it that we all love to gawk at other people’s stupidity and idiocy? Because it’s fun, that’s why. Caution: Hard Hat Area is a blog from FineHomebuilding.com that highlights dangerous and ill-conceived acts of home building.

The There’s a Better Way Blog (Quick Tips from FHB Readers):

‘There’s a Better Way – winning tips from the Quick Tips’ Contest at Fine Homebuilding magazine. Quick video tips on everything from hanging drywall to fixing plumbing to finish carpentry and trim.

The Video "There’s a Better Way" – Fine Homebuilding’ Blog:

Quick tips (video) with Chuck Miller.

The ‘Build A Deck – Fine Homebuilding’ Blog:

Catch the latest on how to design and build a deck from the editors of Fine Homebuilding magazine.

The ‘Tool Hound’ – Fine Homebuilding’ Blog:

An insider’s guide to tools and materials for home builders .

The ‘Deans of Green’ – Fine Homebuilding’ Blog:

The Web’s most credible green building and design blog from industry experts .

The ‘Daily Fix’ – Fine Homebuilding’ Blog:

Free homebuilding advice from the experts .

The "Chalk the Line" – Fine Homebuilding’ Blog:

Ramblings from the editors of Fine Homebuilding magazine.

The New "Digital Job Site" – Fine Homebuilding’ Blog:

Where the boards are straight, the weather’s great, and there really is a board stretcher .