Author: J. Jerrald Hayes

The rise of the McModern – Curbed

The rise of the McModern From busy rooflines to plastic shutters, mismatched windows to four-car garages, the McMansion has dominated the American suburban residential landscape for almost 40 years without a notable change in aesthetics. Many people know a McMansion when they see one. The typical McMansion follows a formula: It’s large, cheaply constructed, and architecturally...

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The Stone Walls of Westchester & Fairfield Counties

I don’t think its possible to drive through Westchester County NY where I grew up (or Fairfield County too for that matter without seeing and thinking about stone walls. Indeed as we’ll see there are a lot of books that have been written (and photographed) on the subject. A couple of year ago when Martha Stewart was moving in up the hill from where I live in Katonah there was a little bit of local controversy and criticism as the masons rebuilding the stone walls that encircled her 153-acre Cantitoe Farm property built the stone wall “too perfectly.” It...

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The woman who wants to completely reinvent our lawns – Vox

“Edwina von Gal, a landscape architect, has a vision of a new lawn to match the changing times. It’s a lawn with a diversity of plants, taller grasses, and a gentler, undulating appearance. The shift from the traditional buzz-cut carpet of grass is a change in fashion that von Gal compares to burning the bra.” The Vox article Originally published on Grist…. The woman who wants to completely reinvent our lawns Landscapers often apply chemicals to lawns at more than double the concentrations used in industrial agriculture. More reading on landscape architect, Edwina von Gal: It Takes One: Edwina von Gal |...

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