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It almost goes without saying that the online website that complements the excellent PBS TV show that has enjoyed a 30 year run i a great resource for both remodeling project ideas and the latest products and materials for your home. Below you’ll find lists of the most recent articles appearing on the This Old House web site with links to take you there. Today at This Old House: From the latest home products and tools to our smartest weekend projects and remodeling ideas, find out what we’re featuring on the homepage every day. Photo Galleries: Get inspired with thousands of gorgeous interiors, exteriors, and landscapes and before-and-after remodels. Kitchen and Bath: From faucet fixes to creating a kitchen or bath from scratch, we have the information you need on projects and products right now, for the most important rooms in your house. How-To and Repair: Fix everything. Install it all. Our experts show you how with step-by-step projects, how-to videos, skill builders, tips, and more. Planning and Ideas: Whether you’re planning a full remodel or a few upgrades, get expert advice on doing the work yourself or hiring contractors, planning and budgeting for your project, and making your idea a reality. Tools and Products: Learn how to choose and use the proper tools and home products for all your projects. Old House My House Blog: Life in front...

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A Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Winters can be tough on a house especially here in the northeast with it mix of cold and cold-wet weather. Making it a habit of running through this Spring Home Maintenance Checklist and either hiring a professional to take of the problems you discover or taking care of them yourself can save a homeowner lots of dollars in the long run and help avoid the expensive costs associated with emergency repairs. Exteriors: Start at the Top: Inspecting the Roof Walk around your house and give a visual inspection to your roof system. If you can’t see your roof clearly ether get a ladder or use a pair of binoculars but to ignore this inspection can leave your roof in peril. If you have a typical asphalt or fiberglass shingle roof look for loose, worn, curled, and/or damaged shingles. if you can safely get up on your roof look for areas where the roof deck might feel spongy under your feet. Any sign of sponginess should be checked from the underside. It could be a sign of damage. Look at every square foot of your roof. Ice dams can lift and damage shingles. You’ll also want to check flashing around chimneys. Don’t forget to make sure that gutters are free of debris. If you really can’t inspect your roof easily or thoroughly for potential problems then inspecting your roof from...

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