If you’re interested in a web page with an address such as NortheasternHomes.com/~your_company_name please contact us for details. We’re working hard to get all the information published here on-line for you but until we do give us a call and we’ll fill you in on the details.

  • We’ll have several design style templates for you to select from

  • You’ll get an e-mail address your_company_name@NortheasternHomes.com

  • You get an "enhanced" listing program with your NortheasternHomes.com page

Prices start at $375.00 per year.

We’re working on getting more detailed information for you here on-line. In the meantime give us a call at Paradigm-360.com office (914-301-5838) for more details and information.

(Sorry but our "Web Billboard Pages" are only availible to companies servicing the NY, NJ, & New England regions)