I rent the home I live in but if I was in the market for buying a home I could only classify this one I am in as a Fixer-Upper.

I think I would also add one MAJOR thing this otherwise excellent list: Is the existing layout of the interior space workable. For instance in my small home (1,024 sqft) to get to the bathroom you have to walk through the kitchen and then into a pantry laundry room and then into the bathroom. Really. And in my homes case I  can see no way of making the changes needed without tearing the home down to it foundation and starting again.

8 Dealbreakers When Buying a Fixer-Upper – RealtyBizNews: Real Estate News

The term ‘fixer-upper’ can be very random and vague but most of us know what it means when looking at real estate. Chances are this home needs quite a bit of TLC and if it just needs a few cosmetic issues cleared up, the listing agent probably would have stated it that way.